Pest Control Application Process

Here at Complete Pest Control Services, we provide Pest Control companies with all the work they can handle in the most cost-effective way possible.

We are currently offering 5 FREE leads credit for all Pest Exterminators who apply to join our team of local Pest Control companies in Altrincham.


First, you complete the application form below, and you will receive login details to our lead system.

You then log into the system. Then aided by the help videos you set up your lead requirements and the locations you are willing to work.

After this is complete, you need to text 07396557914, confirming your business name and email address. We will then add 5 FREE leads credit to your system for you.

We will also check your system setup for you to make sure everything is correct.

Unlike other lead sales companies we do not sell leads to multiple buyers, each lead is only sold ONCE.  So you have more chance of closing the lead without having to battle on price.

We only ask for one small thing in return. If you make money from the free leads that we give you, then you spend some of that money on additional lead credits inside your system.

We look forward to working with you closely and helping you to succeed as a Pest Control  company in Altrincham.

Please complete the application form below to start the process and receive your first 5 lead credits today.