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Stockton Heath Industrial Rodent Exterminators

Rodents regularly attack commercial properties, most especially if you’re a firm that works with food. In the absence of speedy solution, the economic hardship that they can put upon a firm maybe significant! Undoubtedly, the loss of contaminated food stuffs & the harm that animal infestations pose to a company’s public image maybe extensive.

Furthermore, it is a legal offence to knowingly harbour rodents in commercial properties. In food facilities this infestation could also bring about your business’ prosecution under the stringent food safety legislation.

So on your initial discovery of indications of rodent activity in your property, you need to contact Stockton Heath Rodent Control to book your preliminary survey. You can rest assured that the highly trained rodent pest control specialists will not simply rid you of your rodent infestation rapidly & discretely, but they’ll additionally dispense of any pesticides correctly according to the leading environmental guidelines.

Employers are bound under the Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974 to provide protection to their workforce from being exposed to health problems brought by rodent contaminations. This basic safety provision encompasses worker protection from pesticides made use of to deal with them. With many separate factors if your business is invaded by rodents, speaking with a professional rodent pest control operator can save you time, cost & significant anxiety.

Residential Rodent Exterminators Stockton Heath

No matter how clean your home is rodents can target any property, providing they are able to gain access to food, water and shelter. If you live or work close to food & rubbish storage areas, or near a river bank in which rodents normally build their lairs, you may be at a higher risk of getting a rodent infestation.

Having said that, it is essential to keep in mind that any property can easily have the misery of ending up being infested by rodents.

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Our experienced mice & rat exterminators  know issues inside and out and the hazards they bring. By making use of the latest techniques & products they are able to manage every one of your mice & rat infestation issues and get your property pest-free once more.

A Few Of Our Rodent Removal Services Stockton Heath

pest control mice mouse chewing into an electric wire

Mice Exterminator

Mice are carriers of infectious illnesses to humans, especially small children. Although they are cuter than their rat cousins, they can still bring about just as many issues within a home or commercial property, both health & damage-related.

Even if you believe you have even a single mouse living in your property, you need to first find the extent of the infestation prior to trying to remove it.

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rat control a large rat running up a length of rope in a factory

Rat Pest Control

Rats are a remarkably common issue and even in the cleanest of home or commercial property. Rats carry diseases that are harmful to both animals & humans.

If you discover a rat in your home or commercial property, it is extremely unlikely to be on its own. Rats will breed quickly, cause damage and spread disease.

To avoid a rat infestation resulting in comprehensive damages to your home or commercial property, phone today

squirrel pest control squirrel sat on branch

Squirrel Pest Control

Squirrels might be adorable, but they are able to create major issues to your property if they aren’t addressed quickly.

Grey squirrels will typically access properties through roof voids & loft spaces. When they’re inside they’ll set to chewing anything and everything such as woodwork, electric wires & water pipes, which can then lead to floods, & generally they will create a great deal of noise.

Unfortunately a lot of insurance companies do not cover squirrel infestations on their policies although squirrels are thought to nest in up to 50,000 properties.

The Stockton Heath Squirrel control experts are ready to get rid of the problem squirrels once & for all. Call us today and have our Stockton Heath Squirrel Control team handle your unwanted squirrel guests!

pest control moles mole coming out from burrow

Mole Control

Recently the Mole population has been growing due to the especially mild & wet winter seasons we have had.

The main issue with moles is the considerable destruction they do to lawns, formal gardens, turf, greens, sports grounds & fairways with the constant burrowing of their intricate tunnel systems. With their capability to be able to burrow at up to 4 meters per hour an extensive network of molehills & burrows is soon produced.

The aftermath of their burrowing is the mole hills & ridges which not only ruin the appearance of your turf but they also expose debris & stones that will damage machinery. Every year issues from moles costs companies substantial expenditure due to the destruction to grounds, machinery & crops.

As with most other rodents, we highly recommend that you treat a mole incursion immediately. The more the problem develops, the more damages that normally occurs & a possible cost increase.

Whenever you have a rodent infestation concern, our rodent exterminators have the ability to provide a resolution.