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Squirrel Infestations In Altrincham

squirrel control squirrel caught in a trap Have you heard something rustling in your attic room or loft space and also suspect squirrels?

As cute as squirrels might appear to be, they can be an unbelievably devastating and also stressful pest to have in your property.

Squirrel Removal companies take hundreds of call-outs for squirrel control yearly, and this remains in part as a result of the damages they create to your property and the noises squirrels make during the night which can be very stressful.

Individuals often report sleeping concerns as a result of the loud noises they make during the night while they are scuttling around the loft. Squirrels are most energetic prior to daybreak, especially in winter months.

Grey squirrels Sciurus carolinensis are intrusive pests, foreign to the UK. They were first brought to the UK from North America in the 1870’s, as decorative enhancements to high class estates and estates.

They swiftly expanded the range they inhabited ousting the native red squirrel. Grey squirrels bring the Squirrelpox infection which is lethal to red squirrels. They also contend for food with the native squirrel and are much better at getting the protein from acorns.

Introductions kept going till the 1930’s, when the damages they can create was ultimately realised and it became unlawful to release grey squirrels into the wild.

Altrincham Squirrel Control Service

The grey squirrel is identified as {being }in the top worst 100 intrusive pest species worldwide by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Right here in the UK and Europe, is classified as an Invasive Alien Species (IAS) which is any animal that is foreign to the UK.

That suggests that anybody that catches a grey squirrel alive is lawfully obliged to humanely dispatch it. As their numbers have raised in the UK, so has the damages they create. This is where expert rodent control comes in.

There are three reasons we control grey squirrels:

  • Their potential to do damages to your property, and health
  • The devastation of UK woodlands
  • The influence on our native wild animals, specifically the red squirrel.

What Happens If A Squirrel Gets Inside Your House Or Business Property?

If a squirrel gets in your business premises or home they can as an example:

  • Gnaw on woodwork and ceilings
  • Strip insulation from electric wires
  • Wreck fibreglass insulation
  • Contaminate cold water storage tanks and loft space with pee and droppings.

Grey squirrels commonly link humans with food, suggesting they at some point approach individuals. Some individuals are afraid of being attacked, nonetheless it is very uncommon for a squirrel to actually attack!

7 Signs That You May Require Squirrel Removal Altrincham.

These are the seven indications to identify when searching for evidence of squirrels in your property.

  • Scraping and rustling sound from your loft space or your wall cavity
  • Detecting droppings in the loft space – you might need a pest controller to recognise the droppings.
  • Odour of pee in the loft space area This might suggest the problem has been going on a long time
  • Detecting lots of various other squirrels around your property, especially near your roofing system or on high fencings
  • Fruit and nuts being taken from bird feeders, or the feeders being disturbed/knocked over
  • Bark being stripped from trees in your garden
  • Openings in vents or damages to your insulation foam.

Why Are Squirrels A Pest?

Grey squirrels also: Raid birds’ nests to eat the eggs and fledglings (numbers from the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust suggest nestling rates lowered by 15% as a result of predation by grey squirrels)

Cause damages to orchards, gardens and allotments, damaging plants and corms, eating tree nuts and just recently sown seeds and dig holes in lawns to bury food.

They Create havoc in historic and ancient woodlands as they damage trees such as beech, oak and chestnut by bark stripping. They gnaw the bark to obtain the sweet sap loaded tissue underneath the external layers. This tissue carries sugars generated in the leaves to the stem and roots of the tree.

Grey squirrels are as a result managed throughout the UK, even in locations where red squirrel populations were lost years earlier, grey squirrels are frequently being eliminated with Government grant aid.

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